HemiPleat® Dust Collector Filter

July 22, 2011
A new HemiPleat® dust collector filter from Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) combines high filtration efficiency, long service life, and energy-efficient performance with conductive properties. The manufacturer uses a special carbon-impregnated media designed for use where conveyed dusts generate static charges that require dissipation. Applications include fumed silica dust; plastic, PVC or composite dusts; and carbon black/toner dusts.    Cartridge filters manufactured with carbon-impregnated media can also be used in explosive dust applications, making it possible to conform to NFPA and ATEX requirements and lessen the risk of ignition sources due to static electricity charges.   Conductive filters allow the use of media-type dust collectors in applications where they otherwise could not have been used, due to the dusts having low minimum ignition energy characteristics. The conductive media is available in the full selection of HemiPleat cartridge styles, to fit virtually all new and existing cartridge dust collectors.   With media resistance levels less than 1 MOhm/sq. (106), the cartridge filter meets NFPA and ATEX requirements stating that all components must be bonded and grounded and provide resistance paths of less than 1 MOhm to be considered conductive components.   It is also the only filter to combine conductive properties with an award-winning, patented open-pleat design that results in better airflow through the cartridge and better cleaning characteristics, resulting in energy-efficient performance and long life. Initial efficiency based on ASHRAE 52.2-1999 is MERV 10/11. Average filtration efficiency is 99.99 percent on 0.5 microns and larger by weight. HemiPleat filters carry a written performance guarantee to run at a lower pressure drop, meet or exceed current collection efficiencies, and last longer. 
  • special carbon-impregnated media
  • average filtration efficiency is 99.99 percent on 0.5 microns