Instapak iMold System

July 9, 2012

Instapak iMold produces between 400 and 600 cushions per shift and is ideal for low-volume packaging operations or decentralized high-volume operations. The iMold system produces consistent, pre-molded Instapak cushions using Sealed Air’s patented Foam Dispersion Technology, which allows for a wide variety of cushion designs with varying shapes and sizes.


Using RFID technology, the system automatically identifies the mold and corresponding cushion recipe, ensuring that the iMold system dispenses the correct amount of our Instapak foam into the perfectly sized Instamate film bag. Sealed Air’s patented Foam Dispersion Technology guarantees cushion consistency and integrity by dispensing Instapak foam where it is needed most, eliminating material waste.


The vacuum automatically draws the expanding foam-filled bag into the mold cavity, where the foam takes the shape of the mold. The vacuum shuts off and the cushion begins to cure. When curing is complete, the iMold system ensures a quick release by automatically ejecting the cushion from the custom-made mold. Cushions can be used instantly online or transferred into bins for later use. 


The benefits of the Instapak iMold system’s automated cushion production include reduced packaging material costs, increased productivity, improved product protection, increased storage space, and a reduction of labor.

  • Foam molding equipment uses Instapak foam technology, an economic solution that doesn't compromise on product protection
  • Various models and speeds fit all unique needs
  • Easy-to-use displays with minimal setup
  • Patented foam dispersion technology guarantees cushion consistency and strategically dispenses foam tubes or in bags
  • Built-in air ejection system removes finished cushions from the mold cavity, freeing up labor to pack and ship instead of monitoring cushion production
  • Packaging material is stored in two 55-gallon drums
  • System specifications vary by model