Thermal Dynamics®  has added the Ultra-Cut® 400 to its line of high precision automated plasma systems. Joining the Ultra-Cut 100, Ultra-Cut 200 and Ultra-Cut 300, the Ultra-Cut 400 will deliver 400 amps at 200V at 100% duty cycle. It offers production piercing and cutting up to 2 inches on mild steel, stainless steel and 2-1/4 inch aluminum, with outstanding cut quality. New Ultra-Cool™ consumable parts technology delivers industry leading parts life at 400 amps with O2/Air. All Ultra-Cut systems include the unique Water Mist Secondary (WMS®) process for cost effective precision cutting of nonferrous materials. The Ultra-Cut line will also have two additional sets of dedicated robotic consumables. These new 15 and 30 Amp XTremeLife™ consumables will deliver excellent cut quality on thin gauge mild steel and increased parts life. Along with these offerings, Thermal Dynamics has introduced an exciting new Diameter PRO™ technology with its XT-Series of CNC controls that delivers quality holes and reduces hole taper to a minimum. It was developed to optimize hole quality in mild steel on 10 gauge to 1 inch from a 1:1 diameter to thickness ratio and larger holes. “Thermal Dynamics is offering seamless, integrated technology that optimizes the performance of plasma cutting,” said Dirk Ott, Thermadyne Vice President of Global Plasma Automation. “Our new 400 amps O2 Ultra-cooled two-piece tip, for instance, gets cooled all the way to the orifice to provide the best cut quality over its complete life. This, plus the new 400 amps O2 electrode delivers parts life that was not possible before on high current applications. We are delivering more than just a plasma machine. We are delivering solutions to all of your plasma cutting needs.”
  • 400 amps at 200V at 100% duty cycle
  • production piercing and cutting
  • Water Mist Secondary (WMS®) process