Innovations 2012 Catalog

July 13, 2011
At 600-plus pages, Kennametal’s new “Innovations 2012” catalog provides descriptions, technical data, and ordering information on the latest in milling, holemaking, turning, and tooling systems products and services from Kennametal Inc., all specifically engineered to improve manufacturing performance, even in the most challenging metalworking applications. Highlighted among the latest technology offerings is Beyond Blast™, Kennametal’s revolutionary new insert technology. Designed to channel coolant through the insert directly to where the insert cuts the chip, Beyond Blast™ is delivering superior performance with up to four times the tool life of standard inserts. Especially effective in milling titanium and other high-temperature alloys, Beyond Blast inserts are available in both turning and milling applications and provide superior chip control, improved lubricity, and better coolant management.  With more than 70 years experience, Kennametal also leads in engineered tooling systems as well as cutting-edge tools. KM4X™ is the latest in Kennametal’s KM spindle interface line. Where spindle connections are the traditional weak link in heavy-duty machining conditions, KM4X™ engineering results in three times the bending moment capacity compared to other tool systems. This means shops can use their high-performance machining centers to higher capabilities and increase speeds and feeds in difficult machining applications. Moreover, the ability to retrofit KM4X to an existing machine tool offers the added advantage of increasing throughput without having to invest in expensive capital equipment.