LED Tube Light Fixtures

July 13, 2011
LEDtronics® announces its new line of ETL-listed LED Tube Light Fixtures specifically designed for energy-efficient, environment-conscious and high-output T8 LED tube lights that help commercial, governmental and industrial facilities reduce their power consumption and maintenance costs as well as minimize their ecological footprint. The American-made series of LEDtronics T8 fixture replacements consists of overhead lighting systems that are ruggedly constructed, durable, cool-running and provide efficient light dispersion, producing better illumination at lower cost than those they replace: LEDWSE200-2-4LR is a 4-foot/2-tube ceiling or flush wall-mounted T8 LED light fixture with wraparound lens for parking structures and garages; the similar LEDWSE200-3-4LR holds 3 tubes; LEDGHL310-2-4LR is a 4-foot/2-tube recessed-ceiling or T-Bar T8 LED light fixture, while the similar LEDGHL320-4-4LR accommodates 4 lamps.
  • durable, cool-running
  • provide efficient light dispersion
  • better illumination at lower cost