LED Fixture - Phoenix Products Co.

July 20, 2011
Phoenix Products Company, Inc. is proud to announce the release of thenew RSL LED Series, a rough-service linear LED fixture. In addition to long life and low maintenance,the RSL is an instant-on, surface mounted fixture designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures. Withconformal coated solid state lighting, the RSL LED is designed to withstand shock and vibration as wellas prevent moisture intrusion. The four foot, three module fixture has a light output of 4600 lumens.The RSL LED Series comes in three different configurations: a two foot, one LED module (26W); afour foot, two LED module (56W); and a four foot three LED module (84W). Each module is potted inoptically clear silicone. For greater heat dissipation from the LEDs, the fixture employs a thermal pad,aluminum housing, and aluminum heat sink. A diffuse UV-stabilized polycarbonate diffuser reducesglare and helps to evenly distribute light.
  • long life and low maintenance
  • instant-on, surface mounted fixture
  • withstands  shock and vibration