Advances 2012 – The Newest Products and Systems

Aug. 2, 2011

For more than 80 years, WIDIA™ has been one of the world’s leading and most trusted names in high-performance metalworking tools and systems. Now the “Advances 2012” catalog brings together the latest in new technology from the WIDIA Products Group.

New High-Performance Taps
Where holemaking and threading applications demand precise thread quality and improved productivity, new high-performance WIDIA-GTD™ HSS-E taps are the answer.

These new powder-metal taps represent the optimum combination of grade, geometries, and coatings for accomplishing precision tapping applications in steel and stainless steel materials. The proprietary powder-metal substrate contains higher-than-standard levels of cobalt content for a combination of greater heat resistance and improved tool life.

WIDIA Victory™ Turning Grades
“Advances 2012” also includes descriptions of new grades and geometries in the WIDIA Victory line. For example, the WIDIA Victory TN7100™ series is a new range of coated-carbide inserts specifically engineered for finishing, medium-duty, and rough machining of all types of alloyed and unalloyed steels. The TN7100 series delivers exceptional value on key productivity metrics such as higher metal-removal rate, surface finish, longer tool life, consistent performance, and lower manufacturing costs.

All inserts in the WIDIA Victory performance line feature a combination of wear resistance and toughness with a coating micro-engineered in both composition and post-coat treatment to emphasize outstanding coating adhesion and resistance to built-up edge and workpiece sticking.

Milling Advances
Milling tool users can choose from a wide range of WIDIA indexable milling and solid end mill developments. Among them are new additions to the WIDIA Victory M1200™ series of face-milling cutters and inserts. Features and benefits include excellent chip forming and evacuation capabilities, high feed load capability, and superior accuracy of insert positioning, allowing for excellent tool life and surface finish. With 12 cutting edges, the WIDIA Victory M1200 series offers many cutting edges per insert, which all perform at higher speeds and feeds while achieving lower power consumption versus other double-sided platforms.

Strong Systems Connections
WIDIA also leads in engineered tooling systems as well as cutting-edge tools. The WIDIA KM4X™ is the latest in the KM spindle interface line. Where spindle connections are the traditional weak link in heavy-duty machining conditions, KM4X™ engineering results in three times the bending moment capacity compared to other tool systems. This means shops can use their high-performance machining centers to higher capabilities and increase speeds and feeds in difficult machining applications. Moreover, the ability to retrofit KM4X to an existing machine tool offers the added advantage of increasing throughput without having to invest in expensive capital equipment.