C-Flex® ULTRA Tubing

Sept. 8, 2011
Boasting an improved formulation, the new C-Flex® ULTRA Tubing is ideal for use in peristaltic pumps for pharmaceutical and bioprocess applications. The quality legacy of the C-FLEX brand carries through in the new formulation, which offers longer life, improved pressure performance, and cleaner operation with minimal residue. C-Flex® ULTRA Tubing is heat-sealable and weldable for sterile process applications, and complies with USP Class VI, FDA, and USDA standards. Choose from types designed to accompany various Masterflex pumps: Precision C-Flex® ULTRA tubing for Masterflex® L/S Pumps, High-Performance Precision C-Flex® ULTRA Tubing for Masterflex® L/S Pumps, Precision C-Flex® ULTRA tubing for Masterflex® I/P Pumps, and High-Performance Precision C-Flex ULTRA tubing for Masterflex® I/P Pumps.
  • longer life
  • improved pressure performance
  • cleaner operation with minimal residue