Fixed View Ports

Sept. 13, 2011

Monitoring heavy equipment is essential to assure top working condition.  To get a good look inside operating machinery, Beckson Manufacturing offers clear Fixed View Ports.  With no need to access or shut down equipment during inspection, costly downtime is avoided.

Not only great for peeking into machinery, these ports are also nice as a view port into another area or room.  They also provide a protective covering over gauges and controls for additional safety.
Durable, cast-acrylic lenses are chemically bonded to the frame, providing years of trouble-free service.  The ports are available in five rectangular models ranging from 3" x 10" to 7" x 14", with 2" spigots to accommodate the mounting thickness of the application.  The 8.5" circular version is available with a 1/2" spigot. 

The ports are easily installed with 10-24 pan-head screws with CAD drawings available on request.  Beckson's ports are offered with a black or white rim.

  • costly downtime is avoided
  • protective covering over gauges
  • five rectangular models