Cleanroom Doorways - AirLock Doors and Venting Options

Aug. 18, 2011
AirLock Doors are pre-hung in their frames for quick and easy installation. They are available in the same materials as AirLock walls. Your selection of the proper AirLock Door for your doorway depends on your application, contamination concerns and layout. We're here to help! Contact Simplex or your local Simplex distributor for expert advice on the proper selection of doors for cleanrooms and industrial settings. See our complete line of line of AirLocks for doorways, modular cleanroom solutions and other Simplex enclosures to help you protect against airborne contaminants, ultraviolet light, temperature fluctuations and even harmful noise (see our barrier sound curtains).

Framed ABS and Vinyl Swing DoorsAvailable in single and double panels, features include continuous airtight gear hinges for effortless movement, lever door handles and foam seals to insure complete closure. Door closure options include handles with locking mechanisms and hydraulic closures.

Sliding DoorsAvailable in single and double panels with anodized aluminum roller tracks and magnetic and vinyl sweep seals. Options include an automatic closing device.

Strip Door Vinyl strip doors are available in many widths, thicknesses and colors. Features the exclusive Simplex clear/frost non-stick design for easy personnel and equipment passage.

Bi-folding Curtain Available with an anodized aluminum or stainless steel track. Options include various thicknesses and materials and a choice of magnetic or Dual Lock closers.

Dual Flex DoorFlexible vinyl panels with spring loaded for gravity hinges, designed to allow 180 degree movement. Dual Flex Impact Doors are available in various colors, materials and thicknesses.

AirLock Venting Options
Simplex offers several different types of air venting and exhaust systems for either positive or negative pressure rooms. Again, proper vent selection depends on your contamination concerns, the level of clean, your physical layout, and other factors. Contact Simplex or your local Simplex distributor for expert information.

Screen Mesh – These vinyl coated, non-particulating vents are standard on all vinyl inserts.

ABS Adjustable Sliding Grill – These popular vents can be adjusted to accommodate airflow requirements.

Open Air Space – This framed open air space venting comes with a self-closing vinyl flap to seal the vent when the room is not being pressurized.

Pre-Filter – This attaches with Dual Lock closers for easy replacement.

PVC Shutters – These shutters open automatically when the room is pressurized.