High Performance OI Touchscreens

Sept. 6, 2011
New IDEC High-performance OI touchscreens have advanced features, cutting-edge display technology and intuitive software, delivering a superior visual experience and offering flexible solutions for all your HMI applications! Thanks to cutting-edge color conversion technology, the same technology used in LCD TVs, these screens deliver an intense visual experience. The brightest on the market, with an LED backlight shining up to 800 cd/m2, these High Definition-Quality TFT LCD Screens provide sharp images and excellent visibility. 65,536 colors make screen views realistic and crisp, providing true-to-life images and making it easy to view precise readings of data and images. These OI Touchscreens are also the fastest in their class. A 400MHz RISC processor means quick operation and response times. High-performance models also feature a built-in video interface (Video In) and audio interface (Audio In/Out), meaning a video camera and microphone can be connected to any high performance series touchscreen to display video, or play movie or audio files. Distance isn’t an issue either. A PC, PDA or Smartphone can be used to remotely access, monitor and control these touchscreens through a web browser. It’s that simple! You can monitor current values or processes, click pushbuttons to control operation, print, switch screens or even change program values just as if your were in front of the touchscreen onsite. Depending on the display size, up to four MicroSmart expansion I/O modules can easily snap on to the back of any high performance series OI touchscreen to offer simple I/O control. With a large memory capacity, you can store up to 12MB of user memory, and an SD Card and USB flash drive can be used for extra storage. Looking for something more basic? Our superior-quality 5.7” 256 Color TFT LCD OI Touchscreen offers features and functionalities at an economical price. A bright LCD screen with sharp visibility combined with an analog resistive touchscreen provides a flexible layout that is easy to design and customize for specific applications or projects. Plus a power range input of 12-24V DC lets you select the model type and flexibility of switching from 12 or 24V DC power depending on the type of application.
  • sharp images and excellent visibility
  • 65,536 colors
  • easy to view precise readings of data and images