Direct Drive Process Gauge - WIKA Instrument Corp

Oct. 5, 2011
The WIKA Direct Drive process gauge comes with a process industry standard ASME B40.100 Grade 2A (+/-0.5% of span) accuracy; a silicone dampened Bourdon tube to eliminate pointer flutter in severe vibration and pulsation applications; an adjustable process gauge pointer for recalibration; and a yellow case to signify to workers that this gauge is used for the tough applications. At the technological heart of the WIKA Direct Drive process gauge is our exclusive Bourdon tube made of Inconel® X-750 alloy. Compatible with most media types, this super-alloy is highly resistant to temperature extremes and has excellent oxidation and corrosion properties. Every WIKA Bourdon tube is meticulously handmade and then stress relieved in our proprietary heat treatment chambers. To provide superior strength and performance in the most aggressive environments and temperature extremes, all wetted parts on the WIKA Direct Drive process gauge are nickel-brazed.
  •  Medical-grade pointer shaft that rotates on a jeweled sapphire bearing that eliminates pointer friction
  •  External adjustment screw to re-zero the pointer
  • Porous filter to protect the pressure inlet from clogging