DC Micro Motor - MicroMo

Oct. 10, 2011

MICROMO is pleased to present the 3272 CR DC Micro Motor from FAULHABER.  Setting new standards, the 3272 CR offers  graphite commutation and premium materials produced with cutting-edge process technologies.   The robust and durable drive provides torque of up to 120 mNm, while measuring merely 32 mm in diameter and 72 mm in length.

The advanced System FAULHABER ironless stator coil, which is integral to the overall design, is a key component of the 3272 CR’s exceptional performance.  At a nominal voltage of between 12 volts and 48 volts, it delivers high torque and also ensures that the slope of the n/M curve remains extremely flat.  At the same time, the total weight of the DC micro motor is only 312 grams (11 ounces).

Based on FAULHABER’s modular design concept, the micro drive can be equipped with a three channel encoder  (also available in  a Linedriver design)as well as combined with a custom range of precision gearheads.  The FAULHABER Speed Controller SC5008 and the  Motion Controller MCDC 3006 can be used to control  the micro motor’s speed or to manage it when deployed as a positioning drive.
mm in length. 

  • graphite commutation
  • delivers high torque