32ALN Gearhead

Sept. 23, 2011
MICROMO introduces the new 32ALN (32A Low Noise) gearhead from FAULHABER.  The new planetary gearhead,  designed for low noise application requirements,  is optimized in combination with brushless motors. The gearhead can be used with a variety of brushless and DC motors in the 26 to 32 mm range. Based on the metal gearhead Series 32A, the low noise module for the first stage of the 32ALN features a detailed and well-matched combination of module, teeth count, helical angles, gearing width and material choice.  The design ensures ultra smooth operation and high torque stability. The 32ALN is available in 17 standard reduction ratios from 4:1 to 2076:1, with output torque ranging from 4.5 Nm (continuous) up to 6.0 Nm (intermittent).
  • for low noise application requirements
  • 17 standard reduction ratios
  • output torque ranging from 4.5 Nm