Rustlick is excited to announce the release of a new premium, ultra-long lasting semi-synthetic coolant, Ultracut 380R. Ultracut 380R delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of machining and grinding applications. R&D Chemist, Leroy Hitchcock, explains, “Ultracut 380R uses the newest lubrication and antimicrobial technologies for a coolant that provides an ideal balance of operating performance and durability in the sump.” Ultracut 380R is a number one choice for manufacturers working for industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, energy, industrial components, job shops, plastics, transportation or anyone looking for a maximum performance coolant that lasts. Ultracut 380R delivers proven resistance to microbials, like bacteria and fungus, and is shown to last longer than competitive coolants without the need for costly additives. In independent lab studies, Ultracut 380R lasted longer and outperformed top competitors in bacterial and fungal resistance. This hard water stable formula is effective in a wide range of light, moderate & heavy-duty applications, including machining, cutting, grinding, milling, broaching, threading and turning. “Ultracut 380R is great for aluminum applications because it won’t stain the metal like other semi-synthetics,” states Hitchcock. Ultracut 380R contains no DCHA (dicyclohexamine), chlorine, boron, phenol, nitrites, triazines, sulfur, copper, or SARA 313 reportable chemistry and it is easy to recycle or dispose of with conventional techniques and equipment.
  • proven resistance to microbials
  • lasts  longer than competitive coolants
  • hard water stable formula