Stainless Steel Electrodes - Select-Arc Inc

Oct. 4, 2011
Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two 16-8-2 stainless steel electrodes that are composed of 15.5% chromium, 8.5% nickel and 1.5% molybdenum. SelectAlloy 16-8-2-AP is a gas-shielded, flux cored electrode designed to weld in all positions.  It delivers flat, well washed beads that can be achieved with minimal weaving. This wire produces very low spatter and excellent slag peeling to minimize cleanup. SelectAlloy 16-8-2-C is a gas-shielded, metal cored wire that provides a smooth, spray arc transfer and produces little or no slag and virtually no spatter. This electrode features higher deposition rates and more controlled penetration than the equivalent solid wire which allows it to operate at higher travel speeds and with better poor fitup handling. Both electrodes may be utilized to weld 16-8-2, 316 and 347 grades of stainless steel in high temperature piping systems. Their good hot ductility properties make them well suited for welding cat crackers, furnace parts and components used in the petrochemical, chemical processing and power generation industries. SelectAlloy 16-8-2-AP and SelectAlloy 16-8-2-C are available in .045” and 1/16” diameters.
  • good hot ductility properties
  • available in .045” and 1/16” diameters