Compact, User-Configurable Timer Relay Module

Oct. 10, 2011
WAGO Corporation’s 859 Series DIN-rail Timer Relay Module offers On-/Off-Delay timer modes and multiple time ranges for diverse applications such as switch and package “de-bounce” sensors.  Unlike traditional designs, the 6mm 859 Series carries a top-mounted potentiometer for fine-tuning delay time without removing unit from DIN-rail. On-Delay mode can prevent simultaneous excess inrush currents by delaying machine startup. Off-Delay mode can enable auxiliary components, e.g., fans, to continue operation after machine shutdown. The 859 Series is available with Electromechanical (SPDT) or Solid State Relay (SPST-N.O.) outputs. Selectable via two DIP switches, 859 Series provides four standard time delay ranges from 0.2 seconds to 10 minutes. Optional time delay ranges of 2.0 seconds to 35 minutes are also available. 859 Series input voltage ranges from 19.2–28.8VDC; outputs are 6A/24VDC (electromechanical) and 2A/24VDC (Solid State). Utilizing WAGO’s industry-proven Terminal Block housing, the 859 Series offers jumpering and CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Technology. This ensures terminations are maintenance-free and vibration-proof for conductors AWG 28–14.
  • multiple time ranges
  • top-mounted potentiometer
  • input voltage ranges from 19.2–28.8VDC