Modular Lightweight Gripper with Long Stroke

Sept. 19, 2011

SCHUNK continues to expand its range of modular long-stroke electric grippers with the LEG 400, which can be used in the metal cutting and automotive industry, along with assembly and handling tasks. This weight-reduced, lightweight gripper is equipped with a servo motor and has a gripping force of up to 1050 N as well as a variable stroke between zero and 103 mm. Having only one motor, it weighs 6.5 kg.

Designed according to the modular principle, the LEG gripper can be equipped with a pneumatic and electric drive. The user is able to choose the servo motor as desired. Robot manufacturers can thus use their own motors and control the gripper with the same set of commands as the robot. In addition, the applicable forces can be measured and controlled with servo-electric drives. If the LEG is operated with a single servo motor, both drive spindles are coupled and the fingers move synchronously. With two motors on the other hand, the fingers can move to any position in the gripping range independently of each other.

The modularity of the LEG goes even further; both slides and guided slides as well as the supporting lateral cheeks and the connecting elements are available in different sizes and versions. The LEG gripper can thus be adapted economically to the corresponding task and load. Optional sensors or image processing systems make it a sensitive tool in the production, assembly, and packaging processes. A change system that can be used to change the fingers manually or automatically provides the user with additional flexibility. Due to the low weight of the LEG gripper, excellent acceleration and high speeds are possible, and thus shorter cycle times and a higher overall power. Alternatively, smaller actuators or robots can be used with identical cycle times. That saves energy, protects the environment and reduces running costs.

  • gripping force of up to 1050 N
  • variable stroke between zero and 103 mm
  • can be equipped with a pneumatic and electric drive