PCB assemblers -- particularly contractors -- faced with the need to go lead-free while maintaining a tin/lead soldering presence, will welcome Manncorp’s 16.350 wave solder machine. In place of the usual single pot, the 16.350 can now be configured with two pots on roll-out carts to provide lead-free-to-Pb switching with ease. The 16.350 also adds economy to its versatility with a low solder pot capacity of only 200Kg. “Lead-free solder costs are escalating to over $40 per lb., which results in more than a 50% reduction in initial fill solder costs that will amount to thousands of dollars,” according to CEO Henry Mann, adding that “this dual-wave machine has answered market demand for a space-saving footprint and many advanced capabilities of larger systems -- but at a lower price.” The 16.350 is less than 5 ½ ft. long and includes a 350mm wide adjustable finger conveyor with built-in cleaner and a 600mm pre-heat tunnel with forced hot air convection for thorough and even heat penetration. The machine also features a motorized inlet conveyor and a motorized spray that evenly distributes flux.
  • can now be configured with two pots
  • lead-free-to-Pb switching with ease
  • solder pot capacity of only 200Kg