Metallic Line of Pumps

Oct. 31, 2011
Versa-Matic  recently launched the new E40 1 ½” bolted metallic line of pumps. The new E40 models are the latest addition to the Versa-Matic product offering, featuring the newly enhanced, exclusive Elima-Matic® Air Valve system. The Elima-Matic Air Valve system consistently delivers on/off/on reliability, while maintaining superior air efficiency. “The new E40 ensures industry leading flow rate, displacement and suction lift. With this new 1 ½” metallic bolted pump users will experience superior AODD pump performance” says Tim Caldwell, Product Manager. “The next few months, and into 2012, are exciting times at Versa-Matic as we prepare to launch additional new products, introduce enhanced marketing materials and plan for the 2012 Global Distributor Sales Conference.”
  • Elima-Matic® Air Valve system
  • delivers on/off/on reliability