Capacitance Probe with Remote Electronics

Oct. 20, 2011
BinMaster Level Controls introduces a newly designed Pro Remote capacitance probe that offers the ability to mount the sensor’s electronic components up to 75’ away from the sensing probe. This point level indicator is designed specifically for hostile applications such as high temperatures or excessive vibration, featuring a unique “split” configuration that houses sensitive electronics away from extreme conditions that may interfere with proper probe operation. The Pro Remote can be used for high, mid and low level detection of solids, liquids or slurries using a variety of Delrin, Teflon, food grade, flush mounted, stubby, or extended probe options. The Pro Remote capacitance probe features a new housing with a triple-thread, screw-off cover that allows easy access to internal components and an FDA-recognized power coat finish. This housing also has dual conduit entries to simplify wiring and installation. Another new electronic feature is a dual time delay that allows the user to set flexible time delays for covered and uncovered conditions. This allows the user to set a probe to react either immediately or with up to a 30-second delay when it detects a covered or uncovered state. For example, the capacitance probe can be set to send an immediate alert when it reaches a covered state, but can be set to alert with a 15-second delay when it detects an uncovered state. “The unique split-component design of the Pro Remote allows the use of a capacitance probe in applications where a standard probe would fail due to high temperatures or extreme vibration,” said Todd Peterson, vice president of sales for BinMaster. “Like BinMaster’s other PROCAP capacitance probes, the Pro Remote capacitance probe provides high sensitivity and accurate level detection without the use of RF (radio frequency) signals, so it will not interfere with two-way radio communications or other electronic equipment in the plant. “Quick-set” calibration makes the Pro Remote easy to use and a visual LED status light lets you know if the probe is in a covered or uncovered condition.”
  • mount the sensor’s electronic components up to 75’ away
  • for hostile applications
  • high, mid and low level detection of solids, liquids or slurries