Xtreme Rare Earth Rota-Grates

Oct. 31, 2011

Xtreme Rare Earth Rota-Grates feature a unique rotating design to remove both large and small ferrous contaminants that tend to stick, clog and bridge when passed through traditional grate magnets. The Rota-Grate reel incorporates Xtreme Rare Earth tube circuits, which are at least 12% stronger than other existing magnets.


Rota-Grates provide unmatched efficiency on many finely ground cohesive materials such as gypsum, barium carbonate, fuller’s earth, lime, cohesive chemicals, confectionary sugar, cornstarch, cocoa, flour, wood flour, and an array of fibrous materials.


This dual-action unit rotates a number of powerful magnetic tubes through the material. The magnetic action attracts and holds unwanted iron, while the rotary action prevents the material flow from packing and plugging the processing line. This action further combs and breaks apart materials that tend to cling together, forcing all particles to pass close to the moving magnetic tubes.


Xtreme Rare Earth Rota-Grates feature a rugged structure including magnetic elements that are completely encased and fastened to stainless steel endplates. These durable units are equipped with steel shafts and hubs to provide many years of service.


Rota-Grates are offered in 24 sizes, including multiple lengths and widths. Standard units allow simple manual cleaning, but a self-cleaning Rota-Grate model is available for applications where routine cleaning is problematic. Rota-Grates in Housing are an ideal choice for dusty installations where an enclosed unit is necessary.