Multi-Use Fluid Evacuators/Dispensers

Feb. 18, 2022
Mityvac's MV7100 multi-use fluid evacuators/dispensers are offered in complete kits with adapters or four reservoir sizes with lid assemblies.

The MV7100 series is a line of multi-use fluid evacuators/dispensers that works quickly and efficiently while serving a wide range of vehicle systems. It uses compressed air to eliminate the mess when extracting or dispensing fluids from a central reservoir.


Models are compatible with oil, coolant, ATF, and most common automotive fluids. The tools can also be suitable for agricultural, marine, industrial, and small engine repair services.


The MV7100 series includes a vacuum brake bleed kit, ATF refill kit, and a pressure brake bleed kit. Fluid evacuators/dispensers are available in complete kits with adapters or four different reservoir sizes.


For instance, the MV7135 vacuum brake bleed kit uses compressed air to generate a vacuum for bleeding brakes and to apply pressure for dispensing. Used or new fluids are dispensed by switching from vacuum to pressure.


Similarly, the MV7412 ATF refill kit includes 13 different adapters to connect to most modern sealed transmissions. Used fluids or overflow can be extracted by switching from pressure to vacuum, and a variety of reservoir capacities are available.


The series’ seven models can handle cooling system evacuation and dispensing, engine oil, power steering fluid, transfer case and transmissions, and fluid line flushing or prefilling. No manual pumping is necessary, models can easily switch between vacuum and pressure, and they feature built-in pressure-relief and safety valves.

  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Powered by shop air; no manual pumping
  • Switches easily between vacuum and pressure
  • Built-in regulator, safety-relief valve, and fluid-level switch
  • Offered in complete kits with adapters or four reservoir sizes with lid assemblies