Centri-Sifter High Capacity Centrifugal Screener

Oct. 31, 2011
A new Centri-Sifter® high capacity centrifugal screener model “YOB-SS” from Kason Corporation features a cantilevered shaft with two, externally-mounted bearings between the screening chamber and motor drive (no bearing on the hinged end plate) allowing all components to slide freely from the shaft end for cleaning, screen changes, or inspection. The combination of a large diameter shaft with wide spacing between the bearings, and a flexible shaft coupling, prevents vibration even at high speeds under heavy, imbalanced loads, according to the manufacturer.     Available to USDA, FDA, BISSC, 3-A, and other US and European sanitary standards, the centrifugal screener is suitable for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications requiring quick, thorough wash-down, as well as industrial applications requiring frequent screen changes or material changeovers where cross-contamination must be prevented.     It is available in configurations for gravity-fed applications or continuous operation in-line with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems, with screen cylinders of Nylon monofilament, woven wire, perforated plate or wedgewire screen.     As dry or moist bulk solid material is gravity-fed into the feed inlet, a feed screw redirects it into the cylindrical sifting chamber. Rotating helical paddles within the chamber accelerate the material, continuously propelling it against and through apertures in the screen. Oversized particles are ejected through the end of the screen cylinder into a discharge spout.     In addition to sifting of dry materials, the screener can reduce soft agglomerates and/or dewater moist solids or slurries.    Hinging open the bearing-free end plate at the overs/discharge end of the screening chamber allows rapid removal of the unit's internal baffle plate, screen cylinder, and helical paddle/feed screw assembly.
  • suitable for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications
  • cantilevered shaft with two, externally-mounted bearings