The Ultra Maxi-Duty (UMD) Caster Series with a load rating of up to 40,000 lb. per caster moves colossal loads with four casters only, simplifying designs and lowering maintenance costs.


Hamilton engineers started with a clean slate and went above and beyond basic durability requirements. The mounting plate is an immense 14 x 14 in. and 1-in. thick. The main load-bearing assembly has two massive precision thrust bearings for smooth swiveling. The first thrust bearing is 13-in. in diameter and boast an impressive 234,000 load rating. The second thrust bearing is 7-in. in diameter and is rated at a comfortable 100,000 lb. A  third 1.5-in. highly specialized four-point contact bearing completes the assembly and combines with the thrust bearings to provide incredibly easy swiveling and durability under extreme loads. 


Three robust wheel types are offered in the series: Poly Press-On, forged steel, and Nylast (high capacity cast nylon).