Flux Cored, Stainless Steel Electrodes

Nov. 2, 2011
Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two gas-shielded, flux cored, stainless steel electrodes that are composed of 12% chromium and weld 410 stainless steels. Select 410-AP is an all position wire that delivers flat, well washed beads that can be achieved with minimal weaving. This product produces very low spatter and excellent slag peeling to minimize cleanup. It is utilized to weld straight 410 stainless steel while providing good corrosion and oxidation resistance – up to 1200 degrees F. Select 410NiMo features a nominal weld metal composition of 12% chromium, 4.5% nickel, 0.6% molybdenum and a maximum carbon content of 0.06%. This electrode offers a smooth, stable arc, low spatter residue, easy slag peeling and presents smooth, well washed beads. Select 410NiMo finds wide application in power generation equipment such as turbine blades and vanes. It is also used to weld ASTM CA6NM castings as well as 410, 410S and 405 stainless steels. Select 410-AP and Select 410NiMo are available in .045” and 1/16” diameters.
  • composed of 12% chromium
  • weld 410 stainless steels
  • available in .045” and 1/16” diameters