Strain Gage to PLC Frequency Input Signal Conditioner - CALEX Mfg. Co.

Oct. 21, 2011
The Model 8555 is a DIN Rail mount, self-contained DC powered module designed for load cell, strain gage, or single ended analog amplification and filtering. It contains a precision instrumentation amplifier, filtered output and a built-in excitation supply. The 8555 provides a cost effective solution for applications such as conveyor weighing systems, hoppers or tank farms. The 0 to 50mV input range makes it compatible with most strain gage based load cell or pressure transducer outputs. The built-in 10V excitation supply is capable of driving a 350 ohm bridge. The filtered output of the 8555 is 0 to 5KHz. Connections are made via easily accessible screw clamp terminal blocks. Zero and Span adjustment potentiometers are located externally as well for easy access. Overall dimensions are 3.78”L x 1.06”W x 1.65”H. The 8555 is backed by Calex’s five year warranty.
  • built-in excitation supply
  • filtered output
  • 0 to 50mV input range