EAO Corporation announces the launch of the Series 51 Stop Switch, with an industry leading space-saving design and back panel depth of 18.8 mm – less than the width of a penny.

The Series 51 is an attractive stop switch for non-hazardous, heavy-use applications, having achieved testing beyond 100,000 actuations. The Series 51 is especially well-suited for interfaces that require a visible actuation status, including:
•    Medical diagnostic equipment
•    Handheld pendants and devices
•    Machine and process control
•    Instrumentation
•    Disabled lifts

Using a monoblock design, the Series 51 Stop Switch minimizes back panel depth to set a new space-saving standard unmatched by competitors’ switches. Its design makes it ideal for applications that require exacting ergonomics combined with superior reliability and durability. It is sealed to IP65 standards from the front of the panel, utilizes an industry standard 16 mm mounting hole, and meets many international standards, including CE, EN 61058-1, and RoHS environmental requirements.

The Series 51 Stop Switch uses EAO’s time-proven, low-level and snap-action switch element technology, making it suitable for applications across a wide variety of current and voltage ranges. 

Solder, quick connect, and PCB terminals, along with a variation of N.O. and N.C. contact configurations, add to its versatility. Initially available in a low signal level switching element with 2.0 mm plug-in, solder, or PCB mount connection, the Series 51 provides a single-break momentary contact switch system with two contacts per switching element, and a combination of N.C and N.O. contacts.

Another benefit of its single-piece, monoblock construction is the ability to specify a complete unit within one part number.

  • back panel depth of 18.8 mm
  • for non-hazardous, heavy-use applications
  • snap-action switch element technology