Condition Based Monitoring Instruments

Nov. 1, 2011
TPI (Test Products International, Inc.) offers Condition Based Monitoring instruments designed to help prevent serious safety events, help reduce equipment downtime, and reduce operation costs.  The easy-to-use TPI "Ultra" is a handheld vibration analyzer which indicates problems such as out-of-balance, misalignment, and bearing defects. With built-in RFID to identify measurement points, the Ultra offers a high resolution spectrum up to 51,200 lines FFT, at 15 Khz; and user selectable demodulation filters. Included C-Trend Software makes it easy to store, analyze, and report data for predictive maintenance. All information is just a click away. Color coded alarms highlight problems, and trend lines show potential problems before they happen. Optional networking software is available.
  • indicates problems
  • high resolution spectrum up to 51,200 lines FFT
  • user selectable demodulation filters