Quick Assembly Sign Fastening System

Nov. 9, 2011
Micro Plastics, Inc. introduces a new “pin and keeper” quick assembly sign fastening system. This Micro Plastics SIGN FASTENER is designed for rapid assembly and disassembly of a sign or other panel to its support structure.  The reusable fastener was designed to fit a hole diameter of 5/16" to 3/8" (8mm to 9.5mm), the sign fastener can be used to fasten two pieces together with total panel thickness from 1" to 1.64" (25.4mm to 41.6mm).  Simply squeeze the keeper together and slide onto the pin, then release the keeper.  Molded from impact resistant and UV stabilized nylon 6/6, the sign fastener is designed for weather in outdoor applications. Micro Plastics’ manufactures millions upon millions of fasteners daily.  They offer over 20,000 items and maintain an inventory of over 250 million parts. See our full line catalog #39for a complete line of nylon fasteners that are available.  FREE samples are available upon request.
  • reusable
  • impact resistant and UV stabilized
  • rapid assembly and disassembly of a sign