Wide-Rim Recycling Cart

Dec. 19, 2011
The Poly-Trux® 50P-16  features a rugged collection container that is rotationally molded in a single piece from 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) for the impressive load bearing strength and puncture resistance needed to collect and transfer construction and demolition (C & D) materials. Ideal for handling concrete, brick, twisted metal, rebar, splintered wood and other debris, the heavy-duty 50P-16 is designed with a tapered, wide-rim bin that progressively widens towards the rim to accommodate large waste products in unwieldy shapes. For easy handling when full, the sturdy 50P-16 recycling cart is set on a rigid base atop six premium, industrial-strength Colson casters in a clever configuration placing two oversized center casters with five-inch wheels in four-inch forks to create a constant tipping action. Rolling the heavy C&D payloads onto and off of elevators, up ramps and tailgates, over curbs and on uneven ground is safe and smooth. Ideal for recycling, remodeling, construction and demolition companies, the versatile recycle truck is available with optional fork tubes to permit safe, secure pickup by forklift for emptying into a roll-off container or dump truck. The 50P-16 recycling truck is available with permanent lettering, molded-in logos and graphics and security covers (optional) in a choice of 16 standard plus optional custom colors.
  • rotationally molded in a single piece
  • tapered, wide-rim bin
  • accommodates large waste products