The NBM-500 Series is the most accurate non-ionizing radiation survey system available. It provides the broadest frequency coverage of electric and magnetic fields. Both flat response probes and probes shaped to international standards are available. All NBM probes have a non-volatile memory containing device param­eters and calibration data. Probes are calibrated independently of the meter. Any NBM probe can be used with any NBM-500 Series meter and still maintain total calibration.

- Available with Isotropic Probes to cover 100 kHz to 60 GHz
- Large Graphical Display
- Intelligent Probe Interface with Automatic Probe Parameter Detection
- Fully Automatic Zeroing
- Extensive Memory for Logging of up to 5000 Results
- GPS Interface and Mountable Receiver for Positioning Data Documentation (Optional)
- Voice Recorder for Adding Comments (Optional)


Precision measurement of electric or magnetic field strength for personal safety at work where high radiation levels are present, such as: 

- General RF Safety program measurements
- Service work on transmitting and radar equipment
- Service work on mobile antennas, broadcasting and satellite communication systems
- Working with heating and packaging machines in the food industry
- Working with heating and hardening machines in the automotive industry
- Operating diathermy equipment and other medical instrument
- Producing short-wave radiation
- Drying equipment in the tanning and timber industries