The professionals at Narda Safety Test Solutions have designed the next generation of Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Personal and Area monitor – the Nardalert S3. The award winning designs of the Nardalert XT and RadMan monitors have been extended to an entirely new product that builds on years of safety product leadership. Sensor technology has been improved in this series by re-designing not only the sensor itself, but also by packaging it in a field replaceable package that contains all the elec­tronic data necessary to maintain calibrated operation. This new feature allows your S3 to stay in service without costly logistics to keep multiple units calibrated – a major advantage for any NIR Safety Program. Your new Nardalert S3 will always be capable of supporting new standards or guidance’s and even different fields or frequencies, allowing future ex­pandability and extending longevity.   



- Field Replaceable Sensor Modules
- Color LCD Display
- Multi-Color Alarm LED’s
- USB Interface for Data and Charging
- Interchangeable Lanyard or Belt Clips
- Comprehensive Software Included
- Standard and Optioned Models
- Fiber Optic Port for Remote Monitoring
- Fail-Safe Design

LCD Display   

Alarm events are always evident with visual LED’s combined with vibra­tion and audible notifications. However, to provide the user more accurate information than just simple alarms we’ve incorporated a top mounted LCD. The LCD simplifies operation, showing key data at start-up such as battery state and sensor information that the operator needs. With RF/ microwave sensors attached, the display indicates to the user the bands (<> 1 GHz) that are being detected. Optioned units use the display to pro­vide even more information such as exposure history, logged data, alarm indications and more.