Digital Panel Meter - Red Lion Controls

Nov. 18, 2011
Red Lion Controls announces the latest addition to their rugged PAX2 Series of dual line display meters. The PAX2D Digital Panel Meter is a single package featuring a dual counter and dual rate meter, with a third counter and rate display that allows the user to perform math functions. With universal features and versatile programming capabilities, this single meter can suit virtually any digital pulse applications.

 Line one consists of a 0.7" high, 6-digit LCD display that can be programmed to show counters A, B, or C; rate A, B, or C; or the high or low values. The main display also offers three programmable, easy-to-read colors: red, orange and green. The color change can be tied to programmable setpoints. This feature provides the operator with a visual display of changing conditions—even when they are not close enough to read the meter value.

A second display line is a 0.35" high, 9-digit, green LCD that can also be programmed for any of the Line One parameters. The 9-digit display accommodates totalizing applications that exceed normal 6-digit displays. The meter also offers a programmable custom unit indicator for both displays.

In addition to the dual displays, the PAX2D offers features designed for maximum flexibility, allowing users to stock a single meter for numerous applications. The meter accepts inputs from proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, photo eyes, length sensors, rotary pulse generators, transistors and simple switches. A universal power supply accommodates both AC and DC inputs.

“With its dual display and versatile functionality, the PAX2D delivers an ideal solution for applications that require two parameters to be visualized at the same time,” said Jeff Thornton, Red Lion Product Manager. “For instance, the PAX2D can count the piece count output of a machine and display the machine rate simultaneously.” Thornton adds, “Optional plug-in cards allow users to configure the meter for present applications, while allowing easy upgrades to accommodate future needs."

In addition to easy front panel key programming, the PAX2D can be programmed via Red Lion Crimson® 2.0 software with simple mouse clicks and dropdown menus. Eight intuitive programming windows guide users through various parameters, such as input setup, display format and output format.

Features that make the PAX2D particularly effective and simple to operate include:

  • Dual counter with math functions
  • Dual rate with math functions
  • Slave display
  • Universal AC/DC power supply
  • Programmable units display
  • three programmable, easy-to-read colors
  • dual display
  • dual rate with math functions