Lincoln Dual-Piston Lever-Action Grease Gun

April 5, 2022
SKF's Lincoln Dual-Piston Lever-Action Grease Gun Model 1154 simplifies lubrication with integrated high-pressure and high-volume delivery modes.

With a thumb-operated switch that allows users to toggle between integrated high-volume and high-pressure lubricant application modes, the Lincoln dual-piston lever-action grease gun Model 1154 allows technicians to quickly adjust the tool to match changing requirements. It is operational immediately with the quick-prime design.


In high-volume applications, Model 1154 requires one-third the number of strokes compared to standard grease guns.


In situations where high pressure is needed, the tool can more easily open the fitting with the standard output pressure position. It has a standard grease output of 34 strokes/oz, and it develops 10,000 psi whenever high pressure is needed.


Large joints, bushings, and bearings can be filled quickly. Applications can also include construction equipment, in-vehicle repair facilities, and lubricating large surface areas such as fifth wheels, chains, and conveyors.

  • Thumb-operated switch to toggle between high-pressure and high-volume positions
  • Provides quick and efficient lubrication
  • Appropriate for high-volume applications such as large joints, bushings and bearings or large surfaces areas such as fifth wheels, chains, and conveyors
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications such as track adjusters, clogged fittings, and high-tolerance locations (10,000 psi)
  • Quick-prime design has the tool operational immediately