Thermally Conductive Potting Compound

March 8, 2017

The 50-2369 FR Flame Retardant Thermally Conductive Polyurethane quickly dissipates heat away from electronic components and provides protection to devices in harsh environments.  Underwriters Laboratory has certified that the 50-2369 FR Urethane Potting Compound passes the self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0 test.  This low viscosity potting compound has a unique combination of physical properties that appeal to engineers that need a reliable product with both thermal conductivity and flame retardancy. 


The 50-2369 FR is easy to use due to its 100:20 mix ratio, low viscosity, and room temperature cure.  In addition, large potting is not a problem, because unlike many epoxy systems, it does not create a high exotherm during cure.


50-2369 FR is a good choice for potting or encapsulating applications containing surface mount components or any application requiring low stress, thermal conductivity and flame retardancy.  It is also suitable for outdoor use.