Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Components & Equipment Division, today announced two new 100 V Class models in the innovative WJ200 series of inverters. The new models are rated at 1/2 hp and 1 hp, 100-120 VAC, single-phase input, and 200-240 VAC, 3-phase output.The WJ200 series sets a new benchmark for performance, flexibility and functionality in micro-size AC drives. The WJ200 is a sensorless vector (SLV) drive capable of 200% or greater torque across the speed range. Speed regulation at low speed is dramatically improved – fluctuation is half that of previous models. Improved trip avoidance measures have been incorporated for unsurpassed system reliability and availability.

The WJ200 is distinguished by its integrated PLC-like functionality. With its powerful Easy Sequence (EzSQ) logic controller function, programs up to 1024 lines can be created on a PC using a structured language editing tool. These programs can then be transferred to the WJ200 to control its operation and allow very sophisticated control schemes to be created without the use of external controllers. 
Simple position control applications are also possible with the WJ200 utilizing the integrated pulse input. Together with EzSQ, intricate motion profiles can be developed. Further adding to its flexibility, the WJ200 has the capability to drive both induction motors and permanent magnet (PM) motors – a single drive for two motor realms.

A new EzCOM peer-to-peer communications function is standard and allows multiple WJ200s to share data. One drive is designated as the “administrator,” and controls the network. Other drives on the network can be master or slave, with masters able to write data to any designated slave(s). Master/slave roles are rotated under the control of the administrator automatically. Up to 8 masters can reside on the network, and up to 32 drives (up to 247 drives, if external signal repeaters are used). The administrator can be master or slave also. EzCOM allows for creation of sophisticated coordinated systems without any additional external hardware or programming.

Other desirable standard features include a safe-stop function (meets ISO/IEC standards), password protection of parameters, real-time clock, standard Modbus/RTU RS-485 serial port, micro surge voltage suppression, dynamic braking circuit, and much more. The WJ200 is designed for long service with bus capacitors and cooling fans designed for 10 year life and varnish coating of circuit boards. The WJ200 also is RoHS compliant. Option boards will be released in the near future to allow communication via Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet, ProfiBus, CANopen, and others.
  • 1/2 hp and 1 hp
  • integrated PLC-like functionalityEasy Sequence (EzSQ) logic controller function