The HFP line of fluids with FACT (foam arrest control technology) produces less foam, resulting in better lubricity than leading metalworking fluids. These characteristics make these products the ideal choice for applications that include high-speed machining and metalworking operations. This cost-effective line of fluids offers superior rancidity control and is compatible with most conventional waste treatment methods. HFP fluids serve a wide range of applications including:

  • CIMPERIAL 1060CF-HFP WITH FACT: A chlorine-free, premium soluble oil offering excellent finish and part quality in the machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • CIMPERIAL 16 EP-HFP WITH FACT: Ideal for high turnover, high-pressure applications where minimization of foam is critical for part quality and machine operations. 
  • CIMSTAR 70-HFP WITH FACT: Blends the technological advantages of synthetic lubricants with the performance of soluble oils for machining and grinding in moderate to heavy-duty operations. Control of residue, lubricity, and corrosion are combined into one fluid.
  • CIMTECH 320-HFP WITH FACT: A unique, low-pH synthetic fluid designed for the aerospace industry.  Excellent for moderate to heavy-duty operations on aluminum and is very low foaming, even when used with deionized water.
  • CIMTECH 510Z-HFP WITH FACT: Offers all the advantages of a synthetic fluid, with the performance capabilities of a heavy-duty product.  Ideal for central system applications and is recommended for moderate to heavy-duty machining and grinding operations of ferrous materials where a synthetic is desired.