Wide Temperature Ethernet Switches

Jan. 18, 2012

WAGO Corporation’s 852 Series Ethernet Switch family now features two Wide Temperature models for operation between -40°C to +70 °C. The mid-range, 8-port Unmanaged 852-103 and range-topping 7-port Managed 852-104 Switches support networks in harsh process, energy, transportation and automation applications. 

 Mid-Range yet Multi-Talented 852-103: The unmanaged 852-103 Ethernet Switch features a redundant power supply and a 9V–48V supply voltage range. A top-mounted DIP Switch sets an alarm relay to monitor loss of 24 VDC or port status (selectable by port). Beyond eight 100BASE-TX ports for copper connections, 852-103 provides two 100BASE-FX SFP ports for fiber optic cables.   Xpress Performance via Top-Tier 852-104: Building on its sibling’s features, the 7-port 852-104 Managed Ethernet Switch provides Xpress Ring and Jet Ring networking features. 

Xpress ring enables networks to recover from link failure within 50ms; Jet Ring provides redundant data-transmission routes during link failure/damage — recovery occurs in less than 300ms. In addition, 852-104 provides Web-based management, port configuration and data packet prioritization. IGMP snooping and management access (security) are also offered. In addition to seven 100BASE-TX ports (copper), 852-104 carries two 100BASE-FX SFP ports (fiber optics). 

  • for operation between -40°C to +70 °C
  • Jet Ring provides redundant data-transmission routes
  • Web-based management