Every machine builder is looking for ways to reduce the total cost of their machine while improving performance; and every end user is looking for ways to improve uptime and reduce operating costs.  Power supplies can take up a substantial space in crowded controls cabinets.  With the use of distributed I/O, block I/O and remote I/O becoming more prevalent, the need for ample power on the machine has also increased.  But most power supplies in the market today give no feedback on their long term health.  A faulty or dying power supply can cause maintenance crews hours of precious production time in troubleshooting and repair. The introduction of Balluff’s IP67 intelligent power supplies with Heartbeat™ technology allows these maintenance crews to get reliable feedback on the real time and long term status of the supply and be able to predict the replacement and maintenance cycle of the supply. Benefits of Balluff’s IP67 Intelligent Power Supplies: 
  • Highly energy efficient (>93% efficiency) 
  •  Electrically durable (power boot 150% for 4 seconds) 
  •  Long lasting (minimum service life of 15 years) 
  •  Mechanically Durable (IP67 rated, vibration and shock resistant) 
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Electrically durable