ZTrak Locates and Tracks Important Assets

Feb. 20, 2014

Managing the transfer and location of site-specific remote assets with ZTrak. It reduces the liability of sensitive cargo, the recovery of missing equipment, and helps asset managers coordinate logistics and track the locations of valuable material. Zonar developed ZTrak as an easy, affordable solution for companies wanting to track construction equipment, shipping containers, hazmat trailers, rental equipment, high-security items, and more. 


Designed with sensitive internal antennas broadcasting on both cellular GSM and 50 channel GPS communication, ZTrak provides accurate location data in a 1-location-per-day cycle. The tracking unit is sealed within a rugged enclosure designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. ZTrak also features an extended battery life of over five years, which can be extended to over 10 years. 


Companies monitor asset locations through Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control. This web-based asset management portal provides pinpoint location reports with just a few simple clicks. Common applications for ZTrak include construction equipment, hazmat containers and trailers, rental company equipment, shipping containers, truck trailers, and other high-value, high-security items.