AM8000 Servomotor Series With Single-Cable Technology

Feb. 8, 2012
Beckhoff Automation's synchronous servomotors are characterized by high dynamics, energy efficiency, and low costs through the use of single-cable technology.

In order to greatly simplify cabling efforts for high-performance servo motors, the AM8000 servomotor series feature single-cable technology, combining the power and feedback system into one standard motor cable.


Single-cable technology, operating without an additional feedback cable, transmits power and process data in one standard motor cable. The encoder data, rotor position, multiturn information, and the status of thermal conditions in the motor are transmitted reliably and free from interference via a digital interface. Since plug connectors and cables are eliminated at both the motor and the controller ends, installation and material costs are decreased.


The series encompasses seven different motor sizes, each with two or three optional overall lengths so that the widest possible torque range is covered seamlessly with overlaps. The user can select a motor suitable for universal use from a stall torque range of 0.9 to 65 Nm.


Additionally, modern salient pole winding technology is used in the motor, enabling an even higher slot fill factor. Small end turns, in conjunction with a fully encapsulated stator, provide excellent thermal management.