AIRplus and FOAMplus Foam Padding

Feb. 7, 2012

The air-cushioning materials AIRplus® and FOAMplus® foam padding from Storopack are now available in an ESD film version for the protective packaging of electronic components. The film complies with the requirements for electrostatic dissipating materials. It has been developed by Storopack and is now available from several of its production sites. 

The on-demand protective packaging systems are a practical alternative to normal ready-to-use packaging, such as foam cushions and bubble wrap films. The more complex and more miniaturized active electronic components become, the more sensitive they are to electrostatic discharge, abbreviated ESD. High potential differences arise when two surfaces rub together, e.g. these can build up simply by walking over a carpet or when handling packaging.

Manufacturers and logistics service providers have a wide range of primary packaging options to choose from for electronic components. In the area of protective packaging, there are usually only ESD bags or ESD bubble wrap from the roll available, so that a lack of on-demand systems exists. For those who prefer air-cushioning or foam-in-place packaging material, they will now find a respective suitable product with the ESD versions of AIRplus® and FOAMplus®.    

  • ESD film version