Cotton Fiber Finishing Sticks - Rex-Cut Abrasives

Feb. 15, 2012

A line of round and square, nonwoven cotton fiber finishing sticks are ideal for delicate jobs such as mold, tool and die, and jewelry repair. Rex-Cut® Cotton Fiber Finishing Sticks are made from reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives that are pressed and bonded into various shapes and sizes.  Designed to deburr and finish in one-step without changing a part’s geometry, they are easier to work with and more forgiving than vitrified sticks, claims the firm. Featuring a wide selection of sizes that can be matched to fit into holes, slots, and other delicate details, Rex-Cut® Cotton Fiber Finishing Sticks are suitable for hand-held or machine deburring operations.  They are available in 1/8” to 1” dia. round and square sizes in 4” to 6” lengths, with 24 to 320 grain sizes, and soft, medium, and hard bonds. Rex-Cut® Cotton Fiber Finishing Sticks are priced from $3.99 ea., depending upon size.  Free samples and price quotations are available upon request. 

  • ideal for delicate jobs
  • reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber
  • various shapes and sizes