Genesis Power System for Robotic Fleets Eliminates Batteries

June 9, 2023

CaPow’s Genesis system is a battery-free, wireless, energy delivery ecosystem for autonomous robots that provides continuous power while eliminating robot downtime due to charging. It eliminates the need for batteries or stationary charging ports and is immediately scalable and industry-agnostic—it can be integrated into any hardware and deployed in any facility.


CaPow addresses the primary bottleneck for automation: the challenge of providing reliable, cost-effective, and non-pollutive energy. By offering consistent power flow for mobile robots, the energy delivery eco-system allows automated robotic solutions to continuously operate with no energy depletion downtime while ending the concept of reliance on legacy batteries.


The solution facilitates optimal power transfer with wide and dynamic capabilities. It accommodates multiple users, as well as the presence of metal and debris in and around the energy transfer field. In addition, it supports large distances between the transmitting and receiving ends, as well as wide spatial coverage.


The system allows robotic fleets to reach round-the-clock, constant, 100% throughput by eliminating charging downtime.

  • Removes the complexity of shipping, replacing, recycling, and recharging batteries, while also ending the need for robot downtime for charging.
  • Helps reduce robot weight and boosts solution with more vertical power.
  • Helps reduce the risk associated with traditional batteries
  • Temperature agnostic, allowing it to be used in sub-zero temperatures, opening up new avenues of sales expansion.
  • Immediately scalable and industry-agnostic
  • Integrated powerpack size is significantly smaller than existing batteries, giving manufacturers extra space to add new features without changing the overall hardware dimensions.