Protective Bumpers--Free Samples

Feb. 6, 2012

Applying bumpers to a final product improves customer satisfaction because it protects the product as well as the furniture and equipment it comes into contact with from nicks, scratches, scuffs, vibration or annoying noise. Typical applications include cabinet doors, circuit boards, medical equipment, appliances and computers. 

Pres-On bumpers are precision molded of rugged polyurethane. To meet unique dimension and design needs, they come in square, cylindrical and hemispherical shapes, and in clear, white, gray, brown or black color choices. Minimizing assembly time is critical to OEM profitability. 

To apply Pres-On bumpers, an employee simply removes the  disposable backer, presses it  into place, and the bumpers provide the adhesion and  protection that give OEMs peace  of mind. Pres-On's patented  adhesive bonding process assures strong, long-lasting anchorage on a  variety of surfaces. 

  • rugged polyurethane
  • protects the product