Built to be the most durable electric pallet jack in the industry, the WP 3000 Series Walkie Pallet Truck provides the exceptional maneuverability and control that is vital for demanding applications where pallet trucks must maneuver in tight spaces, withstand impacts, deliver power on demand and give operators controlled performance.


The brushless AC motor technology is designed to provide responsive acceleration, smooth direction changes, and consistent performance throughout the battery discharge cycle. Crown’s e-GEN braking system utilizes full-motor braking to provide operators with smooth, consistent braking; and, because braking occurs in the motor, energy is returned to the battery for further efficiency gains. Both systems improve uptime by reducing routine maintenance and adjustments associated with motor brushes and friction brakes, leading to greater reliability and lower service costs.


A 30% improvement in grade clearance at the fork heel reduces wear on the truck’s undercarriage, which translates into the extended truck, drive tire, and fork life. Operators also benefit from smoother operations due to less frequent contact. The riser axle is positioned at the highest possible point on the forks, eliminating frequent, costly repairs that occur over time as a result of constant contact with dock boards, pallets, and uneven floors. The smooth, rounded fork tip design simplifies pallet entry, and the tips are boxed in to add strength to the heavy-duty forks.

  • ?Load Ca?pacity: 4,500 lb.
  • Power (Electric): 72 to 300 Ah
  • Width Overall: 27.9 in.
  • Head Length: 20.2 to 24.4 in.
  • Nominal Fork Length: 36, 42, and 48 in.