Multitasking Turning Center - Hyundai WIA Machine Corp.

March 27, 2012

Hyundai WIA announces an all new series of twin spindle multitasking CNC turning centers, the LM1600/1800TT. With upper and lower turrets and available Y- and C- axes, processing of complex parts in volume production runs, the new Series is really four machines in one — two lathes and two mills. These new turning centers feature high power built-in spindle motors and upper and lower turrets for high productivity. Precise synchronized facing twin spindles reduce idle time and BMT-type turrets guarantee accuracy and power. The challenge today is for shops of all sizes to machine as many part features as possible in a single setup on a single machine. Central to accomplishing this is a machine that can do multiple operations (milling and turning) in a single set up, which the Hyundai WIA LM1600/1800TT accomplishes with ease. Benefits offered by the LM1600/1700 TT include compressing lead times from days to hours and reducing lot sizes with no cost penalty — lots as small as one piece can be done efficiently and cost-effectively. The Hyundai WIA LM1600/1800 TT also slashes non-value added time — fewer fixtures, tools and far less labor. Further, it also improves part accuracy by reducing tolerance stack ups between multiple fixturings. Finally, the LM1600/1800TT reduces shop burden — fewer machine tools, reduced floor space and more cost effective use of utilities. You can also run untended — one operator can run several machines, or you can run an entire third shift untended — which increases cutting time without the attendant labor costs. 

The LM1600/1800TT Series features a 45° slant bed design which was developed using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure a stable platform for powerful, precise cutting capabilities. In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews. The pretensioned and double anchored design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. Rapid high-speed axis movement is achieved by the use of linear motion guide ways in the Z axis, complimented by box guide ways in the X- and Y-axes, for added rigidity. This unique combination reduces non-cutting time and decreases machining time for greater productivity. Rapid traverse: X1/X2 axes, 20/20 m/min (787ipm); Z1/Z2 axes, 40/40 m/min (1575ipm); Y-axis, 7.5 m/min (295ipm).    

The upper turret on the TTY and TTSY configured machines utilize a wedge-type Y-axis which permits machining of complex parts in a single chucking. With a Y-axis travel of +/- 50mm (100mm [3.94”] total), a wide range of work pieces can be machined.

The LM series utilizes built-in spindle motors for both the left and right with identical specifications for high speed precision machining in either direction. Each spindle features ultra precision angular bearings to provide high-speed accel/decel as well as smooth machining with minimal noise and vibration at high rpms, even at the highest rotational speeds. Spindle temperature is further controlled by the use of a spindle chiller, which ensures constant oil temperature and minimizes growth in the spindle caused by heat distortion. Left and right spindle specifications are equal 6000rpm, 15/11 kW,  A2-5 with 208/140Nm of torque on the LM1600TT and 5,000rpm,  22/11 kW,  A2-6 with 358/214 Nm of torque on the LM1800TT.  

The LM series of Twin Spindle Multitasking Machines feature the latest generation Fanuc 31iA CNC control for best-in-class performance and accuracy. This leading edge, widely accepted control makes available a multitude of post processor technologies available through a large network of CAM vendors. Networking capabilities allow programs to be loaded directly to the shop floor from the CAM workstation and the optional Manual Guide i conversational programming system, fast program creation is possible right at the machine tool control panel. 

  • upper and lower turrets
  • Y- and C- axes
  • four machines in one