Reid Supply Company announces a new selection of knobs and handles, adding to their core line of industrial products. The new chrome-plated lobe knobs and chrome-plated adjustable handles offered by Reid are particularly well suited for out-door and unfavorable conditions, such as marine environments. They also work very well in general applications on machines and equipment whose parts need frequent cleaning for hygienic reasons, as well as those using water sprays or steam. 

The chrome-plated surface is resistant to wear, scrapes and shocks. In laboratory tests carried out at ambient temperature (23°C), the chrome-plated surface is resistant to: sea water, detergents, acetone, ethyl alcohol, formic acid, chlorine solutions. The new knobs are glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based (PA) techno-polymer, and chrome-plated with a semi-glossy finish. “We’ve chosen to add these new chrome-plated knobs and handles to enhance our lines of weather-resistant industrial products,” says John Carrier, President of Reid Supply Company. “We particularly like these knobs and handles, as they are proven to be beneficial to marine and laboratory applications.” The exclusive five lobe shape of the new lobed knobs offers the operator’s fingers a proper grip and prevents unhealthy residues from depositing thanks to its solid shape without cavities. Moreover the chrome plating makes the surface finish semi-glossy and homogeneous to facilitate cleaning operations. 

  • chrome-plated
  • resistant to wear, scrapes and shocks