100 Turn Rotary Sensors

March 27, 2012

ML Series of  rotary sensors measure angle up to 100 turns  or 36,000° of mechanical travel and have a life of over 15 million turns. The ML Series includes five models each optimized for their maximum 6, 10, 25, 50 or 100 turns. Repeatability is to ±0.01% or better and  Independent linearity is as low as ±0.25%. 

Electrical ranges for the models are 0° to 2,160°, 3,240°, 8,280°, 17,280° or 34,560°. Maximum resistance value is either 5 k? or 10k?, depending on model and temperature coefficient is a very low 5 ppm/K. A friction clutch on each sensor’s end-stops provides over-run protection. 

Mechanical dimensions of the ML Series as measured from shaft end range in length from 62.2 mm to 102.2 mm. All models have a width of 13 mm. Shaft diameter is 6 mm and has a 10 mm bushing mount. Operating temperature range is -25°C to +75°C.  

  • measure angle up to 100 turns
  •  life of over 15 million turns
  • over-run protection